Urban Dictionary: fondest. Top definition. fondest. unknown. See: Flush. A ship name, and the highest level of fond-ness of oneself. We were all fond of his work, but his father was the fondest.


Take this personality quiz to find out which of the Twilight Saga film series Alice Cullens you are really fondest of. All Gemstone Meanings & Crystal Properties.

1. liking and caring about someone very much, especially as a result of knowing them well or for a long time. fond of: I was very fond of my Uncle Jim. Are you fond of children? Collocations and examples +-Nouns frequently used with fond. memory. recollections. His fondest wish had come true: instilling in young people a love for classical music LDS. Indeed, it would be our fondest hope that each family would be blessed with a mother and father who express love for each other, who are deferential to each other, and who … fondest meaning in marathi: प्रिय | Learn detailed meaning of fondest in marathi dictionary with audio prononciations, definitions and usage.

Fondest meaning

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Meaning and Definition of fondest. Synonyms, Antonyms, Derived Terms, Anagrams and senses of fondest. What is fondest? Find 28 ways to say FONDEST, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, See definition of fondest on Dictionary. com. AdjectiveEdit.

Affectionate; tender: a fond embrace. 3. Immoderately affectionate or indulgent; doting: fond grandparents who tended to spoil the child.

Fond definition, having a liking or affection for (usually followed by of): to be fond of animals. See more.

jump to other results. ​. English to Sindhi Meaning :: fond. Fond : شوق.

Fondest meaning

A good definition for best regards, for example, would be a comparatively neutral “with my best wishes and esteem.” Here’s a tip: Want to make sure your writing always looks great? Grammarly can save you from misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and other writing issues on all your favorite websites.

Fondest meaning

Log in. fondest / synonyms. similar meaning This site provides total 2 Hindi meaning for fondest.

the one thing that is the very best memory of them all, so far then I mean. But the very best and fondest memories I have traveling is the 30  my fondest memories was watching the famous Australian 1000 km motor race, but more importantly it taught me the meaning of hard work and how to fight  It is because we are meaning-focused animals rather than simply materialistic ones that we can reasonably contemplate surrendering security for a career  He breathed new life into my hopes and love, and the fondest Both شوق وحنين mean 'longing,' but it's a mainstay of Arabic love songs to use  Welcome to the first ever Low Elo Halloweenieganza! Not spooky enough for you? Let Dave, Erik and Stretch regale you with their fondest Halloween memories  I mean, that'd just be crazy, right?" Gå till People What character besides Katniss are you fondest of, and what is it about them you love? "Peeta. He's good and  Farewell oh Bethel!
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< prev | next >. loading examples Word Family. fondnessfondnesses. fondfonderfondestfondnessfondly   3 May 2018 We have all at some point experienced certain events during our childhood that became one of our favourite moments in life. So we decided to  Fondest Meaning in Malayalam, Fondest in Malayalam, Fondest Malayalam Equivalent, English to Malayalam Free Dictionary : Malayalam to English Free  search mic_none.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. adjective superlative form of fond : most fond . Etymologies.
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Fondest in arabic meaning - مغرم; أثير; محب; حنون; متسامح; fond; favorite; loving; affectionate; tolerant; | EnglishAndArabic.com is an online

Fondest Name Meaning: What Makes It Unique. The name Fondest invokes eagerness, firmness and cooperation. to like someone or something very much; to like doing something: She was very fond of horses. "I'm very fond of you, you know," he said. My brother is fond of pointing out my mistakes.

fond (adj.) late 14c., "deranged, insane;" also "foolish, silly, unwise," from fonned, past-participle adjective from obsolete verb fon, fonne (Middle English fonnen) "be foolish, be simple," from Middle English fonne "a fool, stupid person" (early 14c.), which is of uncertain origin but perhaps from Scandinavian. Related: Fonder; fondest. Meaning evolved via "foolishly tender" to "having

fonder; fondest Kids Definition of fond 1 : having a liking or love “I'm very fond of Chinese food myself,” said Harry Cat. Because Someone tagged me in a pic on facebook which said fondest memories. What does fondest even mean?! fond 1 (fŏnd) adj. fond·er, fond·est 1. Having a strong liking, inclination, or affection: fond of ballet; fond of my nieces and nephews. 2. Affectionate; tender: a fond Fondest means the best-loved.

Two weeks ago, his fondest wish was to die and be with her again. Having invested our fondest hopes in that remote goal, we risked a wounding disillusionment. Now, Layla's fondest wish is to work with My fondest memory at our farm was watching my brother training the young colts in the paddock in the summer days while I sat on the fence nearby.